Financial Agreement and Terms

Insurance Responsibility:

Weber Recovery Center will make every effort to verify insurance eligibility and to obtain prior authorization from the client’s insurance company. Our billing department will submit claims to your insurance carrier and make every effort to obtain payment. If the insurance company does not pay the claim(s) for any reason, Weber Recovery Center agrees to limit the financial responsibility of the Client and/or Guarantor to the cash in-advance rate. The Client/Guarantor is responsible for all charges incurred. The co-pay and deductible are due on admission. The Client may receive a bill from their insurance depending on how the insurance processes claims. The Client is responsible for paying any charges or bills from their insurance including but not limited to coinsurance, copay, deductible, and any other associated amount.

Non-Covered Expenses:

Any medical expenses that arise while the Client is at our facility are not covered. This includes medications prescribed by our staff, and other incidental or emergency medical expenses. The Client will be responsible for travel costs to and from non-treatment appointments.

Unpaid Accounts:

The total amount of selected treatment is due at the time of admittance unless prior arrangements have been made. If however, for any reason there is ever an outstanding balance, Interest will be charged at a rate of 18% per annum. Should a suit become necessary to collect any amounts owing, the Client and/or the Guarantor agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred by such suit, including all reasonable attorney fees (including both hourly and contingent attorney fees as permitted by law), plus reasonable collection charges (including, where consistent with industry practices, a collection charge set as a percentage of the outstanding balance) should the collection be referred to a collection agency.

Premature Departure:

In the event the Client is expelled or leaves treatment against medical advice prior to the conclusion of their selected treatment(s) term, there will be NO REFUND for any amounts paid for treatment. If the Client did not prepay for thier treatment term or, if the Client’s treatment is being funded by a third party payor and Weber Recovery Center is unable to collect from the third party payor, due to the Client’s premature departure, the Client and their Guarantor are liable and responsible for the full amount due for the agreed upon treatment(s) term. If Weber Recovery Center is obligated to refund a third-party payor due to the Client’s premature departure, the Client and their Guarantor are liable and responsible for the full amount due for the agreed-upon treatment term.

Please contact our office with any additional questions, program and service pricing, and accepted insurances.

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