Treatment Programs

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MAT - Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment uses pharmacological medications alongside counseling and therapy to treat substance use disorders. MAT helps reduce relapse and improve recovery. Dr. William Walsh is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, specializing in the prevention, recognition, and treatment of addictions.

Medication Assisted Treatment
              Addiction Medication Management:                                                                Vivitrol, Sublocade, Naltrexone, buprenorphine
              Psychiatric Medication Management
               Health related exams/bloodwork
              Individual Therapy Sessions
              Group Therapy

IOP - Intensive Outpatient

In-person and Virtual
12 week program

Intensive Outpatient is a great work life and home balance treatment program. Group sessions are held by master’s level clinicians and certified peer support specialists. Our IOP program focuses on understanding & healing trauma, identifying self patterns, building individual skills and more.

           Group Schedule:  
              Day: 12pm-3pm  or  Night: 6pm-9pm
           Individual & Case Management Sessions:  
               By appointment only
           MAT –
Medication Assisted Treatment

Residential Treatment

60 – 90 Day Inpatient Treatment
Adult male and female programs

Residential Treatment is an inpatient treatment program providing 5-6 hours of group therapy, weekly individual therapy, case management sessions, and weekly medical assessments. Through evidence-based treatment, our residential program helps positively transition individuals back into their home communities and establish a meaningful future. 

             Individual Therapy Sessions
             Group Therapy:

                         Psych- Ed
                         Peer Support
             Adventure Therapy
             Medication Management
             Case Management:
                          Housing assistance
                         Court/Legal/DCFS obligations
                         Medical/Dental appointments
                         Job skills & Resume building  

Social Detoxification

Upon Assessment
3-7 Days Average

Social detoxification is a program to manage and treat withdrawal symptoms. Individuals are medically assessed and monitored 24/7 by professional staff. 

            Physician Evaluation
            Medication Management
            Withdrawal Management
                         Therapist Evaluation
                         Individual Session
                         Crisis Intervention