Scope Of Service

Scope of Services for:

Weber Recovery Center
2740 Pennsylvania Ave.
Ogden, UT 84401

Purpose of Programs:

Weber Recovery Center exists to assist male and female adults with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental illness in developing and maintaining life skills that facilitate adjustment and integration within their living environments and community. Clients are empowered to make decisions about their care with the expected outcome of the person benefiting from increased quality of life.


Weber Recovery Center is located at an independent freestanding care facility and staffed by trained clinicians and paraprofessionals who assist in individual planning and treatment. The program’s services promote and support the expected outcome of an increased quality of life.

Days and hours of operation:

Office: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Population(s) and Persons Served:

Male and female, age 18 years and older, who have transportation to the program.

Medically stable and able to participate and make informed decisions regarding planning and treatment.

Have completed screening by our staff to assess if the program can meet the person’s need for services.

Having a diagnosis that is DSM-IV diagnosable, may include substance abuse disorders, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc. Questions may be referred to our admissions team for screening and additional information at 801-675-5624 or 385-280-6537

Can participate in their plan to achieve established therapeutic goals.

Are expected to benefit from services in the opinion of qualified, licensed staff.

Persons needing specific accommodations will be assessed with accommodation(s) determined by the appropriate professional. (This assessment may be completed with support from external contract personnel, such as physical or occupational therapists.)

Specific Services:

Supported by a person-centered assessment and development of an individual plan of care, goals will be established with the person served. All treatments are provided by the program and may include individual and group counseling, group activities, psychosocial assessment, medication management, community engagement, life skills, peer support groups, behavior modification, prevocational training, case management, and life enrichment. Persons served are expected to attend and participate in the program, the typical length of stay in the residential program is 60 days, and 12 weeks in the Intensive Outpatient program. On average, the person’s initial evaluation is scheduled within one week of the program receiving a referral and authorization for payment.

Referral Sources:
Referrals to the program are by a licensed healthcare provider practicing within the scope of their license.

Payer Sources:
Private insurers, Medicaid, Self-Pay, and other funding sources. Fees are available upon request. Contact our admissions team at 801-675-5624 or 385-280-6537 for additional information regarding your insurance coverage.

Skill mix of Staff:
An interdisciplinary approach to person-centered treatment is provided by a team of licensed professionals and trained para-professions. Our team includes Licensed Professional Counselors, licensed social workers, registered nurses, licensed physicians, certified case managers, and trained paraprofessionals. We also work with master’s level clinicians under supervision for licensure. The program is supported by a full-time clinical director. The department has dedicated PRN resources that are utilized to cover volume increases, staff time off, or other unforeseen circumstances.